Moving Boxes

Planning your move can definitely be a stressful thing. One of the processes which causes a lot of head ache is packing for your move. Having the right kind of packing material helps insure the safety of your goods when in transit.

There are many different shapes and sizes of boxes available to pack your items. Double wall boxes and single wall boxes are two different kinds. Double wall being the strongest.

Small to Medium sized Double wall boxes are always good when used for those breakable items like dish wear, mugs and glasses etc. Tissue paper on the dishes before placed into the box also insures safety and is recommended.

These same small to medium strong boxes are also recommended for your heavy items like your books to avoid being to heavy and breaking the movers back when loading and unloading the vehicle.

Larger boxes can be used for those larger bulkier items like the cushions, bed sheets, electrical equipment and general household items.

Wardrobe Boxes will come with a hanging rail in them and are perfect for your clothes. Take clothes straight out of your wardrobe and hang them in the box and vice versa at the new property.

There are many many different sized boxes and styles of packaging materials for moving home, from plastic moving crates to many different sized removal boxes however whatever you decide to use – try to follow a few packing rules.

  • Always start the packing process weeks in advance to avoid unwanted stress when moving day is creeping up on you. Just start with the things you may not need in the near future.
  • Always tape the boxes and never interlock the tops.
  • Do not over pack your boxes.
  • If items in the boxes are fragile always write “FRAGILE” on the box.
  • Write on the box what is inside or the boxes destination in your new property.
  • If packing breakables wrap them first with tissue paper before being packed.
  • Keep a few boxes for moving day for the last minute items like bed sheets and kettle.
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